What's iGEM?

What's iGEM?

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TheiGEM(international genetically engineered machine competition) is an academic and interdisciplinary competition on the basis of synthetic biology, which in recent years has gained international attention.

The competition was initiated in 2003 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, where, after regional preliminary rounds, the finals will be held annually.

It aims to develop with the help of synthetic biology approaches to abstract and real problems and to create an international network of information exchange.

Since the first contest the number of teams participating the iGEM competition has grown steadily. In 2012 193teams competed in over twenty five countries. Each team operates from April to September on methods and documentation of their projects. Among the most successful participants are teams from the University of Freiburg, from Imperial College London, Harvard, Cambridge and the University of Munich.

We think it is time for the TU Darmstadt to particpate with a team at the most famous biotech competition.