Since the advent of the digital age more and more people discovered the assets of the internet. Whilst services such as instant messaging, social media, video on demand etc. already found entry to the lives of many people, a new zeitgeist is evolving. In a time, where there is too much knowledge to know it all, experts resort to sharing their expertise with others. Thus a number of online interactive learning platforms emerged. But as we took interest in them, we discovered that there is no platform teaching either biotechnology in general nor synthetic biology. So we decided to take up on this opportunity and develop our own platform:

CloneCademy. An online learning platform in cooperation with experts for experts.

We, the “iGEM TU Darmstadt”-Team, will use this opportunity in the context of the Human Practices to educate our peers as well as the society about biotechnological methods and inform them in the meanwhile about their ethical context. In addition it provides a great platform for iGEM teams to share their expertise.

CloneCademy will be structured in modules, which stand alone in their contextual understanding. Each module is meant to take the users by their hand and introduce them to its context. Furthermore it is required to set a goal or present a problem in order to solve it throughout the module. We grant a multiple choice format, which can be used even in combination with pictures.

To wrap up a module there will be a quiz, that should target crucial information acquired in the module.

As mentioned above, we will appreciate any help with the tremendous workload we will face, tending to the contents of CloneCademy. To support this help, we will release an examplary module soon to guide you in a general direction and hopefully set the quality minimum for all following modules. If any more creative ways of helping us arise please contact Timotheus Kiehl, as he is the supervisor of this side project.


Skype: timotheus.kiehl