iGEM 2020

We are the iGEM Team 2020 of TU Darmstadt. The first iGEM Team at our university was formed in 2012. Since then, the promise of developing and working on their own project in synthetic biology has drawn in many local students. We are looking forward to cooperating with and competing against like-minded people from all over the world this year as well. Our interdisciplinary team consists of students of various subjects, like biology, chemistry, biomolecular engineering, and electrical engineering. During the iGEM year, our team members perform a wide variety of unique and challenging tasks. These range from self-organized lab work, through modeling and human practices, to scientific research. Each participant is given the opportunity to learn new skills throughout the year and help the team with their own unique expertise. Taking part in iGEM Darmstadt is a great opportunity for interested students of all fields willing to share their knowledge and learn.

Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Heribert Warzecha, the team can freely choose their project; its elaboration and execution in the laboratory is mostly self-reliant. Therefore, we are able to set and pursue our own goals and acquire skills in areas like project planning and organization, independent work, and autonomous troubleshooting. In addition, we are able to get valuable insight into important laboratory methods and master them.

Shaping the new team takes more than the weekly, project-related meetings. That is why we value team building and socializing during the whole iGEM experience. To this end, the team members responsible for project coordination and monitoring are organizing online meetings to encourage social contact and interchange within the group, so that we – as a team – can rely on each other and are able to overcome difficult situations together.

We connect with other iGEM teams and participate in meetups to exchange experiences and get to know students from different universities and backgrounds. Under the current circumstances (Covid-19), we switched from meeting personally to online formats.

We also put special emphasis on continuing the development of the team. That is why we offer various kinds of workshops to acquire hard and soft skills and share experiences. This will not only help us during the project, but also in our ongoing education and future careers.

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