iGEM druing Covid-19 pandemic

iGEM during Covid-19-pandemic

Our daily lives are restricted by Covid-19. TU Darmstadt has cancelled all face-to-face teaching events.

We – this year’s iGEM Team – are affected as well. We obey the rules by meeting only online to work as well as for fun. This brings challenges, like less lab time for our project. But especially problems in communication and team building are caused by not meeting in person. The current circumstances breed uncertainty that leads to anxiety, and the isolation affects the state of mind; this sometimes lowers motivation.

Yet, we see this situation as a time to grow closer and to face this crisis together. New possibilities present themselves now. We must prove that we are even more organized and able to communicate than we ever thought we would be – and learn to do so online. Furthermore, these unexpected circumstances inspire us to be more creative in terms of solution strategies and motivation techniques. We do not just give up on the aspects that do not work but find alternatives and test new methods. For example, we organize virtual courses on laboratory methods and cloning or discuss scientific topics with other teams. Also, we meet online in smaller groups for socializing to get to know each other better.

Facing current challenges head-on, showing determination and defeating frustration, we hope to become stronger.