The BioBrick System

The BioBrick (BB) Assembly method is a standardized system used to design plasmids (circular DNA). It utilizes DNA sequences that conform to a certain standard, making them compatible to a specific set of restriction enzymes. The use of the relevant restriction sites makes BBs easy to combine with one another.

There are three levels of hierarchy within the BioBrick system:

1.) A part describes a functional DNA unit, like a promoter, a ribosome binding site, or a protein coding sequence.

2.) Parts can be put together to form devices.

3.) When devices are combined again to perform specific tasks, the resulting BioBrick is called a system.

The system unit executes a defined complex task, e.g., production of a protein in the presence of a specific chemical. Thus, a multitude of functions can be generated by combining various parts with each another.

Over the summer, the iGEM teams worldwide use the parts already available in dedicated a repository (construction kit) to generate the desired multifaceted properties. New necessary parts are created through application of the modular system and collected in the Registry for Standard Biological Parts via which the participating teams can access and order them if they are needed.